i t a l y



George Rayson

All Gore



Two friends dine on a holographic brunch on an outdoor garden.

An overserved John Kasich can no longer walk and starts sweating uncontrollably on a quiet street near Greenwich Village.

Kasich wanders around the Union Square farmers’ market as unrecognised as he is bewildered

A hooded person wearing all black bikes into the sun toward the coast of Belgium while carrying a black umbrella to shield themself from the rays.

The etched façade of a city’s center houses a fugitive teddy bear, an intrepid gallerist and otherwise friends sleeping together out of fear that everything has been dosed with acid or is otherwise on the edge of the possibility of it being edible anymore.

Two friends discuss taste over the telephone.

A jogger feels his body reaching its limits and fears it will never be able to generate heat again.















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